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Lost in Translation's Journal
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Below are the 3 most recent journal entries recorded in Lost in Translation's LiveJournal:

Tuesday, July 12th, 2005
2:40 pm
Chapter 1
((It has been decided that the fandom for "The Best Fic EVAR"'s first story will be Gundam Wing. We will commence Chapter 1. If we run into any bumps, we'll fix them as we go along. Follow my lead, kiddies :D}}

Relena wanted to start over. "Hiiro-kun wa watashi ga sukinai," elle a dit.

Relena wanted to start over. "Heero doesn't like me," she said.
Monday, July 11th, 2005
11:24 pm

1.) Do not reply to comments. Reply only to posts. This is to avoid the confusion of threadded comments.

2.) Do not make a new post. I (or another moderator) will make a new post to start each chapter. The new post will be in English, with a short recap of what happened previously to keep everyone up to speed. You may add your own to the story in comments.

3.) Do not add to a finished chapter. A moderator will declare a chapter "finished" at the end. Any replies after that will not be included in the story.

4.) Each sentence must be in a different language than the two before it. This is to add variety. The pattern can go English > French > Spanish > English, but it cannot go English > French > Spanish > French.

5.) 1337-speak, pig-latin, and other variations of English count as new languages.

5-and-a-half) HOWEVER, these variations of English can't be used IMMEDIATELY AFTER English or its variations. The order may go English > French > 1337 but not English > 1337 > French

6.) Dialects do not count as new languages. American-English and British-English can not be used as separate languages, nor can French and Canadian-French.
10:49 pm
So, this community is still a baby (I created it two minutes ago) but I've already got some ideas.

We can do this chapter-by-chapter, sentence-by-sentence. Each new post will be a new chapter, and every reply to the post will be an addition to the chapter. The posting will close when I declare ^^;;

I have two rules at the moment: 1) Each sentence must be in a different language from the previous, English included. 2) No threaded replies. Always reply to the post, not the comment. This leaves out the confusion of threaded posts.

So, um, what fandom should we write this in? o_o;
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